Monday, November 16, 2015

Glogster by Leslie Rogers

Glogster is a collaborative learning platform that allows users to develop online interactive posters or presentations on any topic.  These digital posters, or Glogs, (short for graphical blog) can be shared with classmates and teachers via email, posted on a class blog, or included in a post on D2L by using the poster’s URL address.

Glogsters are a great way to engage student creativity and assess their understanding. Students can sign up for a free account by going to the Glogster website ( Once signed up, students are able to create interactive online posters equipped with a variety of text, videos, pictures, and audio options. I find the work that students produce has much greater depth and breadth and allows students to better demonstrate how key concepts relate. While it looks like a poster, the readers can interact with the content. An example of a "Glogster" is provided for you to see how one student used this tool to demonstrate her understanding of key concepts taught in one of my classes. Click the link to view an example of a student's finished "Glogster" (

Glogster can also be used to present lessons, share resources, and provide a more dynamic learning experience to anyone using this tool. This makes an excellent tool to use as an alternative to traditional PowerPoint presentations.
More information about Glogster and its capabilities can be found at

Submitted by Dr. Leslie Rogers, Department of Educational Studies