Thursday, May 7, 2015

Doceri by Megan Litster

Doceri is an application that links your tablet/iPad to a desktop/laptop computer, mirroring what is on the desktop/laptop to the tablet/iPad. I use Doceri to run presentation software (Keynote) on my laptop but control it from my iPad anywhere in my classroom, while also being able to use any features of the desktop/laptop. The application allows me to run projection software on my laptop and control it from my tablet. The application also allows me to active screen recordings while presenting information to the class for future playback from students, and automatically captures any image of any slide that I draw on.

In my large classes (60-100 students), using Doceri allows me to get out from behind the computer podium. I am able to walk around my classroom and interact with my students. I can access my course materials remotely while I wirelessly present my lesson. When I walk around the room I can hand my iPad to a student and ask that student to highlight or draw on a slide and that is projected to the class. It provides more freedom and flexibility in how I present to my large classes.

I find the Doceri application pretty self-explanatory, easy to install and use. One trick I learned is the tablet/iPad and desktop/laptop need to be on the same wifi network to work together but Doceri does remember the last IP address which makes connection fairly easy. Doceri does have good online support. The Doceri app for iPads can be downloaded for free in the App Store (it is $4.99 for the Windows app); Doceri Desktop can be purchased for $30.

More information about the features and uses of Doceri can be found here:

Submitted by Megan Litster, Biology