Thursday, December 4, 2014

Haiku Deck by Jude Harrington

Haiku Deck is a presentation-creating iPad app that uses images and just a few carefully chosen words to make more impactful presentations with "decks" of slides. Users can choose from pre-loaded themes, many free stock photographs, personal images, charts, graphs, and colors, and then add text to present information slide by slide.

I use Haiku Deck to find images of concepts for my social studies class presentations. I like that the images fill the screen and that there is a copyright notice on the bottom (very unobtrusive). The photos are of excellent clarity and free images are easy to find. Text can be added but the app limits what can be on any one page. Haiku Deck makes it easy to follow the best practices recommended by experts: simplify your message, use images to amplify emotional impact, and keep formatting clean and consistent.

Haiku Deck presentations can be created online or downloaded as PowerPoint presentations and edited as needed. The image actually sits on the slide so it can be clicked on and resized. You also can add a text box to put more details. Usually, if more space is needed for additional information, I just add a new slide in between. Most students like the images and limited text but, of course, some wish there was more content so I combine Haiku Deck layouts with my own.

Haiku Deck for iPads and now the web (this is in a Beta version) are free to use. Certain images can be purchased separately.

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Submitted by Jude Harrington, Educational Studies