Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Diigo by Kristin Koepke

I use Diigo ( to collect and tag articles of interest.  When I find an article, website, resource, etc. that I find useful and would like to refer back to someday, I mark the site (from a Diigo web add-on) on a Diigo list. I have lists for various topics -- blended, teaching tips, online instructor training, etc.  I can then share the lists of resources with multiple people.  For example, I created and continually update a Diigo list that contains resources for online instructors.  The Diigo list (contained as a single URL) is shared with groups of faculty that complete online trainings.  Example: This link is continually updated whenever I add a new tagged site but the link does not change. These are the features that I use in Diigo but there are even more features that I have yet to explore (online highlighting, reading offline, interactive sticky notes, etc.) Here is a tutorial all about features of Diigo:

Submitted by Kristin Koepke, CATL